Career Program Testing

All applicants for Career and Technical Education programs 450 hours or more, with the exception of Florida Law Enforcement Academy applicants, take a state mandated basic skills exam.  (Please refer to the equivalent chart below for more information)

Several exemptions are accepted. In order to be exempt, a student must submit official documentation for verification of an exemption:

1. Applicants who have earned a standard State of Florida high school diploma, 2007 or later, or possess a documented degree (AA, AS, AAS, BA or BS) may be exempt from test. (s.1004.91).
2. Applicants who have earned a State of Florida High School diploma via the GED® test no more than two years prior to the start of class.
3. Students taking any accepted standardized tests such as PERT or ACT may be exempt from the the requirement provided the scores are at satisfactory levels and the test was taken within required time frame of enrollment in a Career and Technical Education program (6A-10315, 6A-10.040).
4. A student who has completed or who is exempt from the college-level communication and computation skills (CLAST) examination pursuant to s.1008.29 is also exempt. Per s. 1008.29.
5. Documented successful completion of college-level remedial coursework may be used to meet requirement.
6. Documented passing scores on state-designated industry certification tests may be used.
7. Mandated exit scores may be waived for documented special needs students as per Florida guidelines.


  • The test is $20
  • No cell phones are allowed in the testing lab.
  • No children are allowed in the testing lab.
  • No parents or guardians are allowed in the testing lab.
  • See Equivalent Chart below for Requirement Levels